LETTER: CBC ‘Favorably Disposed’ Toward Schools


November 30, 2010

Lou Olom, in his letter that you posted yesterday, is absolutely correct: “They (the schools) are central to this little city’s achievements for half a century. I hope they will continue for the next half century.”

Lou is too modest to describe his own role as a leading fighter for the high-quality public school system in Falls Church today. He personally made a lot of this happen.

He was the main activist who organized and chaired the Citizens for a Better Council that fought that fight in 1959 for the critical vote to support our young public school system.

Some years later, while serving on the school board, he almost single-handedly brought the International Baccalaureate program to Falls Church schools. That program is now the crown jewel of our schools.

Lou’s 1959 Citizens for a Better Council went on to become the Citizens for a Better City. Over the past half century that organization has held biennial nominating conventions for qualified candidates for the City Council and has campaigned for their election. Those candidates are pledged to the CBC principles — one of which is “Preservation of the independent status of our public school system and the continuing provision of a first-class education to all members of the diverse student body.”

A recent tabulation [click here to download Excel spreadsheet] shows that in the 26 elections (1959-2010) 72 of the 91 City Council seats up for election were won by CBC-nominated Council candidates. Those are the “favorably disposed city councils” referred to by Lou.

Up until 1994, school board members were appointed by those CBC-nominated Council members. In the 9 elections (1994-2010), 30 of the 32 school board seats up for election were won by CBC-nominated board candidates. Those CBC-appointed and elected individuals are the “dedicated school board members” referred to by Lou.

If Lou’s hope – a hope, I believe, shared by most of us — for high-quality schools in Falls Church “for the next half century” is to be achieved, continuation of CBC’s success in nominating and electing “favorably disposed” City Councils and “dedicated” School Board candidates is critical. CBC has led the struggle for 50 years. Good schools is CBC’s issue.

Citizens need to remember this history as next year’s School and City budget processes are now under way and later as the 2012 City elections approach.

Falls Church

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November 30, 2010 


3 Responses to “LETTER: CBC ‘Favorably Disposed’ Toward Schools”

  1. Joyce Galovich - Falls Church City on November 30th, 2010 4:35 pm

    Then was then, and now is now. The 21st century. I’m sure taxpayers will remember when 2012 city elections are upon us as we did for national elections on 2 November 2010.

  2. Lou Mauro on November 30th, 2010 6:32 pm

    Your conclusions are ridiculous. To say that only CBC-nominated members of the City Council and School Board have been “dedicated school board members” and have comprised the only “favorably disposed” City Councils is an insult to every non-CBC-nominated member of the Council and the Board and to every citizen who cast a vote for them. And to misappropriate Lou Olom’s words to imply that that was what he meant is also an insult to Lou personally, an objective and fair-minded person if there ever was one. If your intent is to guarantee the demise of the CBC (not a good thing, by the way), just keep spouting such balderdash.

  3. Richard Donnely on November 30th, 2010 9:57 pm

    Who’s drinking this cool-aid?

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