Councilman Webb Running for Reelection

March 12, 2012

Falls Church City Councilman Lawrence Webb has formally announced his campaign for reelection in a statement to the Falls Church Times.

In his statement, Webb says, “I am running for re-election to complete the hard work that myself and other colleagues have invested in over the course of several years and would like to continue to see this city flourish as we’re beginning to observe improvements and would like to concentrate on building our economic stability while demonstrating leadership and approaching strong fiscal management back to where it was before the economic downturn.”

On economic issues, Webb continues, “Although the city experienced some challenging decisions during the economic downturn I believe the Council made decisions that will allow the city to remain viable for years to come. As a resident, I hear the concerns of neighbors and staff and I would like to keep providing quality guidance to resolve these issues in an effective way.  With renewed interest in development and growth in our city I want to help continue the work we started.  Additionally, I would like to be an advocate for affordable housing programs as our community is great because of the people who live here and diversity helps to shape our ‘Little City’.”

Lawrence Webb

Webb was elected to the Council in 2008.  He is Assistant Dean of Admissions at the University of Mary Washington, and he serves as Chairman of the Board of the Virginia Department of Correctional Education.

Webb is originally from Kenbridge, a small town in southern Virginia.  He holds a BA in Mass Communication from Shenandoah University, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Public Management from the same institution.  He is a member of the Village Preservation and Improvement Society and a member and supporter of the Falls Church League of Women Voters.  He formerly served as a member of the Falls Church Democratic Committee and the Falls Church Recreation and Parks Board.

Webb is one of seven persons vying for three City Council seats currently held by himself, Mayor Nader Baroukh, and Councilwoman Robin Gardner.   Baroukh also has announced his candidacy, as have Planning Commission Vice Chairman John Lawrence, Economic Development Authority member Phil Duncan, Economic Development Authority Chairman David Tarter, entrepreneur Paul Handly, and Congressional staffer William Henneberg.  Gardner is not running for reelection.

This election will be the last in which the City Council and School Board will be elected in the month of May.  In 2013, the election for those offices will move to November, as decided in last year’s voter referendum.

Additional information on Webb’s campaign is available at or via email at

March 12, 2012 


3 Responses to “Councilman Webb Running for Reelection”

  1. mel watson on March 13th, 2012 7:45 pm

    This gentleman probably lost my vote when he voted or seemed to learn toward a tax rate of $1.29 rather than hold the line at $1.27 like the majority of the council voted.

  2. Suzanne Updike on March 13th, 2012 8:41 pm

    Mr Watson, vote for who you like of course, but — for those who read your comment and didnt watch the city council meeting — the vote was 4-3 to advertise a rate of 1.27 rather than 1.29.

    Synder, Peppe and Webb voted for advertising a rate of 1.29. I think that all three said they were ultimately hoping for 1.27 but wanted to have some flexibility given ongoing uncertainties (Richmond still hasnt decided how much funding for the VRS, some citizens are upset with city because there isnt more funding for stormwater/flood control projects, etc).

    Mr. Webb may have a hard time holding on to his seat, given the competition, but his vote wasnt an unreasonable one

  3. mel watson on March 13th, 2012 9:03 pm

    Ms. Updike – thank you for your opinion. I am not likely to vote for anyone who is waffling on $1.27. As a couple of those on the council stated, we need to hold the line….the taxpayers should not be asked to pay a higher tax rate again. Even with keeping the tax rate the same, most of us will see our taxes increase anyway due to increased assessments. Even former Mayor Gardner, who has always seemed to be a tax and spend representative, voted to hold the line.

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