FOOD: Tapping into Cajun Cuisine at Chasin’ Tails

April 13, 2012
Special to the Falls Church Times

A few weeks ago, Twitter was buzzing about the grand opening of a place called Chasin’ Tails Seafood and Bar.  And if you are listeners of the Sports Junkies, 106.7 the Fan, one of the hosts EB, was helping to promote the place as well. After seeing pictures of his crawfish dinner at their grand opening, I had to go check them out!

The restaurant is at the location of the old Bear Rock Cafe in Arlington just a few feet from the Falls Church City line, across from La Cote D’Or.  Walking inside, I was immediately impressed at the architecture and décor.  I love the dark wood; it gives the place a very modern and clean feel, which is very impressive for a seafood place.  There were tables set up outside as well, if you wanted to dine al fresco.

Looking over the menu, there’s a decent selection of seafood for those who are not into crawdaddys. But I was determined to try out their crawfish and see how it compared to a few other places I’d eaten at. The crawfish are served by the pound, and you get your choice of 1 of 4 seasoning mixes and then you pick your heat level. What impressed me on the menu was that each bag of seafood comes with corn and a potato and for each 2 lbs you order, sausage is included.  I settled on an order of the Cajun seasoning, Hot and then the Whole Shebang seasoning, Hot. The Whole Shebang is just a combo of the Cajun, Lemon/Pepper and Garlic seasonings.

The crawfish comes out steamed in a bag, enveloped in the seasoning and spices. You get to wear a bib and just go to town with your fingers, no silverware needed! I was amazed at the size of the crawfish, they were huge. I had read somewhere that their crawfish were flown in live, so none of the frozen variety here. The Cajun seasoning was average to me; the Whole Shebang seasoning on the other hand, was amazing! I love the mix of all the flavors and since I got it Hot, it was finger licking delicious!  For those who may be afraid of the heat, I didn’t think the Hot was that spicy at all, it was a good level of heat that didn’t make you sweat and numb the rest of your taste buds.

I ended dinner with an order of the beignets for dessert. They come out in bite size pieces smothered in powdered sugar and served with strawberry jam. I love the concept of the mini beignet pieces, but they were that spectacular in my book. The beignets weren’t as airy and fluffy as the kind I’m used to, but dipping them in the strawberry jam helped.

You also can’t beat the pricing here. Priced per pound, the crawfish were very reasonable and the restaurant itself is great for large parties. I have a new spot and cannot wait to go back for a few more pounds! I was also eyeballing their gumbo and jambalaya, can’t wait to give those dishes a try next time.

Chasin’ Tails Cajun Seafood and Bar

2200 N. Westmoreland St.


Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 3pm-1:30am

Twitter Handle: @ChasinTailsCF

April 13, 2012 


One Response to “FOOD: Tapping into Cajun Cuisine at Chasin’ Tails”

  1. Jim Breiling, North Arlington on April 13th, 2012 9:53 pm

    TKS for the informative review — and soon after opening.

    Sounds like Seaside Crab House in the Eden Center has tough competition for servings and setting.

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