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One of the advantages of our “small town” structure is that individual voices actually can be heard. We’ve been pleased the way City officials have responded to requests. But most residents don’t have the time or inclination to call officials whenever they may have a question or concern. That’s why we thought Ask the Falls Church Times might be just the thing.

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John Reimers asks:

What is the status of the Northgate project? For example, status of funding, have building permits been issued, construction plan approved, status of demolition, target dates, etc. And is the City taking action on the dilapidated condition of the Pearson Funeral Home and grounds?

We directed that question to Rick Goff, Economic Development Director for the City. He responded:

Hekemian Company, the Northgate developer, has obtained site plan and other approvals needed to commence the project.  In March I spoke with Chris Bell of Hekemian and then reported to City Council that the project remains on hold due to the frozen credit markets for new development.

Hekemian is very much interested in moving the project forward and continues to explore financing options, but today lending sources are limited and those who would lend are greatly restricting their underwriting with extremely stringent criteria, including loans to value generally not exceeding 50-55 percent. 

A loan is also complicated by the land lease status of the developer.  Hekemian has not yet found terms for borrowing that they can live with to proceed with the project.

Construction financing is as difficult to obtain as permanent financing, so demolition of the structures on the Northgate site has not commenced.

To report or inquire about unsafe conditions at the Pearson Funeral Home site, please contact the city’s Building Safety Division at 703-248-5087.  Doug Fraser is the city’s buildings official .  I walked the site and have reported to Doug some conditions of concern that I noticed.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

May 6, 2009 


One Response to “NEW! Ask the Falls Church Times: Questions about Northgate”

  1. TFC on May 7th, 2009 10:22 am

    At least the grass gets mowed on the property. The building is really looking creepy

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