Thieves Hit Two West End Businesses Overnight

By Stephen Siegel
Falls Church Times Staff
May 9, 2013

Police this morning were investigating two burglaries at the West End Shopping Center that occurred about midnight.

The thief or thieves broke the door to the barber shop at the far west end of the plaza and cleaned the cash register of several hundred dollars, the owner said, but left a laptop computer that was inches away. The barber shop is perhaps the business that is the least visible from Broad Street at the strip mall, because it is somewhat hidden behind the Washington & Old Dominion Trail bridge.

The spree continued two doors east at the new Indian restaurant Curry Mantra 2, which just opened in February. The burglars broke out the glass to the metal door, but didn’t appear to gain entry, as the pile of glass both inside and outside the door appeared not to have been disturbed.

Nothing was taken from the cash register, although it had a combination lock on it and couldn’t easily be opened, the restaurant owner said.

The thieves may not get away for long: Curry Mantra has a camera recording all the happenings at the restaurant’s door, and police will no doubt be reviewing the footage shortly.

Private security cameras have been in the news recently for helping police catch the Boston Marathon terrorist bombers as well as the cross-dressing sexual assault suspect here in Falls Church City, who is accused of touching a 17-year-old girl inappropriately at 124 E. Broad Street.

May 9, 2013 


2 Responses to “Thieves Hit Two West End Businesses Overnight”

  1. MAJ Confusion on May 10th, 2013 8:32 am

    I hope they get these creeps. I hate thieves.

  2. fcc resident on May 10th, 2013 12:03 pm

    And, once they are caught, I would hope that they do not get off easy but jailed, pay a fine and work off damages to both businesses. Perhaps put to work repairing the damages. Criminals should have to pay for their room and board while in jail with some type of community service – do those jobs no one else wants to do. Pick up trash from side of the roads, etc.

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