DEVELOPMENT UPDATES: Al Fresco Dining, Medical Businesses, and Mixed Use

By Stephen Siegel
Falls Church Times Staff
December 8, 2013

It may not be the season to talk about al fresco dining. But then maybe it will make you feel warmer, as the first snow of the season falls lightly on the grass.

Clare and Don’s, one of the City’s most popular restaurants, has received approval, through a zoning variance, to expand its North Washington Street space and build a 600 square foot upper level deck over the existing outdoor space. The business had sought that approval some months ago before the City’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

The approval of the outdoor space was one of a number of interesting tidbits contained in the City Economic Development Office’s December business report.

Among the other highlights were the announcement of some new restaurants coming to town; several new medical offices opening; and several updates to the city’s big new construction projects.

On the restaurant front, Pita Poche, serving Middle Eastern cuisine, is slated to open next year in the old bagel and donut store near Staples in the Falls Plaza. Originally, a burger chain called Burger 7 was going to go in there, but that has changed. However, the ownership is the same. Burger 7 has a location just beyond the city limits in the Idylwood Plaza. The Pita Poche has been rumored for some time, but now construction on the space has begun, suggesting that it really is coming.

Perennial favorite Dogwood Tavern also has completed an elevated outdoor space above their patio, with 15 seat bar and televisions tuned to sports. That should be a plus for all those Virginia Tech fans that were observed there recently.

The medical facilities opening include Ortho Urgent Care, which has received an occupancy permit for the ground floor of the Broadway, 502 W. Broad Street. The company also will offer what it calls “professional sportscare” at that address.

Right across the street in the Byron, 513 W. Broad, Primary Care Associates has purchased the old Pilates space and is relocating from Arlington. They are targeting Jan. 1 for opening. And at the Spectrum, an eye doctor has moved into 431 Park.

Additionally, Pulmonary & Medical Associates, also relocating from Arlington, is making major improvements to their new space at 500-510 W. Annandale Rd., including the installation of a new elevator. Perhaps we’ll soon be known as The Healthy Little City.

Burger 7 may have stayed over by the Whole Foods, but Smashburger is coming to the City. It is locating in the rehabbed 300 S. Washington Street strip mall that currently features Meat in a Box. Now, the whole plaza can be called Meat in a Box and Bun. It will be interesting to have another gourmet burger place so close to Elevation Burger; hopefully, they both can survive and prosper.

Northgate, the mixed use development near the Arlington county line on North Washington, is nearing completion, and is advertising its apartments as Big Living in the Little City. They are targeting late February for their grand opening. The Hilton Garden Inn at 706 W. Broad is getting closer to completion as well, and is accepting reservations beginning June 15. So they must be confident about their construction schedule.

Meanwhile, on the new project front, the Harris Teeter complex received unanimous approval from the city Planning Commission on Dec. 1. They are hoping to break ground in January. The Reserve at Tinner Hill, across the street from Pearson Square on the International Motors and Meineke Muffler sites, also is expecting to break ground early next year, and reports that it has a formal lease signed by Fresh Market, an upscale grocer, for a chunk of its ground floor space.

December 8, 2013 


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  1. vlfrance, Falls Church City on December 9th, 2013 4:54 pm

    Thank you for the updates and the bits of humor!

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