Plein Air Workshop Registration Deadline is 4/15

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Falls Church Arts announced that there are still spaces available for the Plein Air Outdoor Workshop in Water Media that will be held on Saturday,

Bill Abel is experienced at Plein Air Painting --- painting outdoors!

April 17 — rain or shine.  Falls Church resident artist, Bill Abel, will be conducting the workshop from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  The fee is $35 for members of Falls Church Arts and $50 for nonmembers. To register, go to Registrations must be received by Thursday, April 15 for Saturday’s workshop.

Undefeated GMHS Girls Lacrosse Bests Broad Run 12 to 11

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Midfielders await the draw play by centers Gwen Edwards (far left) of GMHS and Mary Durham (#12) of Broad Run, while sky shows a coming storm

Falls Church Times Staff

April 12, 2010

The George Mason High School Varsity Girls Lacrosse Team defeated last year’s Dulles District Champions, the Broad Run High School Spartans, on Thursday, April 8, bringing the Lady Mustang’s record this season to 4 wins and no losses.  The Lady Mustangs trailed the AA Spartans at the half with a score of 4 to 6.

After a requisite storm delay at the end of the first half due to a downpour and a bit of thunder, the teams re-commenced play with both offensive squads doggedly battling to score.

For most of the second half Broad Run held the lead, with the Mustangs behind by three goals at one point.  Late in the second half, the Mustangs gained momentum to tie it at 10 goals each, only to have the Spartans score again to take the lead with 11.  However, in the final three minutes of the game, the Mustangs rallied yet again to tie it at 11 each, and then junior midfielder Abby Johansen fired in a free position shot making it Mustangs 12 to the Spartans’ 11.

As the final seconds clicked off the score board, Broad Run was not giving up and attempted to rush toward scoring territory, but the George Mason defense and midfield was able to contain the play, with the Mason bench cheering jubilantly to celebrate their victory over the team that bested them last year in both regular season and district playoffs.

Senior goalie Meghan Powell completed 10 crucial saves.  Senior center Gwen Edwards led the Mustang scoring with 6 goals, followed by Johansen with 4, and senior defender Chelsea Wilkes and junior attack Amanda Rolander with one each.  Johansen muscled 7 ground balls; and Edwards and Wilkes each made key pass interceptions.

MAN ABOUT TOWN: Goodbye GEORGE (the Bus)

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Falls Church Times Columnist

April 12, 2010

The GEORGE bus is dead – not officially, but the handwriting is on the wall. The only reason GEORGE funding has stayed in the draft budget until now was because the buses were purchased with federal grant money, and there was a penalty clause if service was discontinued. It was cheaper to continue subsidizing GEORGE next year at a cost of $117,000 than to shut it down. But then someone realized that if we gave the buses to Arlington we could avoid the penalty. Bye-bye GEORGE.

I say good riddance. That should be a big surprise to long-time readers, given that a year ago I was championing GEORGE and pointing out that shutting it down would lose a lot of state aid. And, indeed, City Councilman Dan Maller figured out how to keep the buses running another year at minimal cost to the City.

I had a lot of ideas for improving GEORGE, and unlike the people in charge, I actually used to ride the bus. But now I realize that as long as we’re stuck with those horribly impractical GEORGE buses, we’ll never have the kind of public transit this city needs.

GEORGE was doomed from the start, because it was based not on any practical needs but instead was a high-tech experiment with other people’s money. The buses were going to be electric. When, after wasting a great deal of time and money, that idea failed, we got “clean diesel” buses that are 2-3 times the size they should be.

Consider: Falls Church lies in close proximity to a multi-billion dollar subway system. But most residents are not within close walking distance, so to access the subway they must either drive or take a bus. Driving presents several problems – at East Falls Church the parking lot fills by 7 a.m., and you’re tying up a motor vehicle and a valuable parking space all day for a very short drive. Read more