FOOD: Willow – a neighborhood restaurant

September 9, 2011 by · 6 Comments 

By Kathleen Nixon

September 9, 2011

Falls Church Times Staff

I have done a few restaurant reviews, but have not shared my favorite restaurant which is Willow in Ballston. Every meal, every event has surpassed my expectations at Willow.  So when Tracy O’Grady shared that they were making changes to their menu and the physical location, I got worried. If it works why change?

Tracy shared that their new Bistro Nosh menu is inspired by the fact that they wanted another creative food outlet for themselves and their guests, particularly their neighborhood guests who are looking for high quality lower priced yet creatively prepared food.

She shared that the menu will change frequently and will be based on more creative dishes for fish and vegetarian.  Of course there will be meat and poultry as well.  The menu will include all kinds of new ingredients especially grains, legumes and beans as well as lots of local winter greens in this menu like kale and chards. They will also feature handcrafted bread baskets with local Amish butter, cheese plates and upscale snacks for informal days.

The Bistro offerings were inspired by the fact it is very difficult to find high quality food particularly vegetarian dishes outside of vegetarian restaurants, and these dishes tend to be very Asian influenced.  Willow will be a place to come where you can get this high quality seasonal food at lower prices.  They do not want to diminish the Main menu items which are very sophisticated, but want to offer more accessible prices for those who wish to dine at Willow more frequently.

Kate Jensen the master baker who has overseen Willow’s desserts and breads will now have a bakery in the restaurant that looks very Persian.  Guests will be able to take desserts to go as well as other baked goods.  Guests will also be able to special order cakes, pies, cookies and other bakery goods.

Willow will be at the Falls Church Market Chef series this weekend, September 10th from 9:00am to 11:00am making crispy quinoa and goat cheese sliders on homemade potato buns with lemon kale and a feta spread. Yum!