16 Cars Hit By Thieves on West Side

By Stephen Siegel
Falls Church Times Staff
October 20, 2015

A thief or multiple thieves is preying on vehicles owned by City residents and perhaps taking advantage of their sense of security.

Falls Church City Police report that 16 cars were victimized over the weekend — all in the City’s west end. However, officials would not provide more information about the locations than that. They also declined to say what time the incidents occurred, although it’s a safe bet they were mostly late at night.

“The events from this weekend are still under investigation, so I am unable to release any details. As soon as I can release the information, I will send you an email immediately,” said City Spokeswoman Laura Binz.

The cars were vandalized or had items taken from them, and it appears that one vehicle was stolen outright.

Police say “most” of the vehicles hit were unlocked, which may reflect how safe the owners felt they were. But property crime happens everywhere, and officials are urging residents to not only lock their cars but to avoid leaving items of value in them.

They further suggest not leaving items of low value that suggest items of higher value may be hidden in the vehicle, such as phone chargers, docking stations, or connector cables.

Police also say that computers, purses, and wallets are “highly desired” targets that are frequently stolen, and warn owners of vehicles with tinted glass that the opaque coloration won’t protect you. “Thieves often use flashlights to see through tinted windows,” they said.

October 20, 2015 


One Response to “16 Cars Hit By Thieves on West Side”

  1. grateful2binfc on November 9th, 2015 3:22 am

    Stephen, thank you for this alert. Also good to keep bicycles securely locked when they have to be outside. And take anything of value off of them: removable lights, gps units, etc.

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