City Budget

The Falls Church Times is helping to promote a constructive, thoughtful, annual city government budgeting process by organizing budget resources and collating citizen action and opinion.  This page provides a guide to the resources and activities available for you to join in studying and prioritizing the city budget.

City Council Budget Documents

The city provides considerable detail of the budget and budget process in the Budget section of its website.  The city provides links to the (long, PDF format) budget documents for the previous few years:

  • FY10 Adopted Budget & CIP
  • FY09 Budget & CIP
  • FY08 Budget & CIP
  • FY07 Budget & CIP
  • FY06 Budget & CIP

Falls Church Times on Budget

Of course, the Falls Church Times has many articles and opinions on the city budget.

Help Analyze the City Budget

A growing set of resources are available to study the current budget proposals, compare to previous years, compare to other cities, and more.

Many of the materials are available in a shared folder online.

To start the process we have compiled a spreadsheet summarizing Falls Church City’s General Fund Revenue and Expenses from the actual budget of 2002 through the proposed budget of 2010.

Compare Falls Church Schools

The Washington Area Boards of Education has provided a detailed presentation of the budget and staffing of schools in the Washington area, making it possible to compare Falls Church schools budget and characteristics to others.

Washington Area Boards of Education - FY 2010 WABE Guide

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