VIDEO: Parents Relate Child’s Loss to Drugs

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January 15, 2012

Alicia Lannes was a Fairfax County high school honor student and athlete who died of a drug overdose in her home on March 5, 2008. Her parents, Donna and Greg Lannes, related Alicia’s tragedy at a substance abuse forum at George Mason High School on January 4, 2012. Others featured in this video are Jennifer Lewis-Cooper, coordinator of a Fairfax drug abuse prevention organization, and Karen Case, a Falls Church City Public Schools drug abuse prevention specialist. The video is 56 minutes long.


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January 6, 2012

George Mason High School hosted this forum on the International Baccalaureate program on January 5, 2012. The forum features former Mason students discussing the program and how it prepared them for college. The video is an hour long.

WEDNESDAY 11/9: Falls Church Cable Access TV Annual Meeting

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Daniel M. Arons Studio, George Mason High School.  Refreshments 6:30pm, program 7pm, business meeting 8pm.

FOOD: Bertrand Chemel’s Falls Church Farmer’s Market Demonstration

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BY Kathleen Nixon
October 2, 2011
Falls Church Times Staff

Saturday morning was cold and rainy – like the rest of the month has been. Chef Bertrand Chemel and his team showed up at the Falls Church Farmers Market looking at the skies and the early morning crowd wondering what the demonstration was going to be like and if they should have made the effort to come out this morning. Within a few moments of setting up, a crowd started to form and from then on Bertrand Chemel spoke for two hours straight showing the very eager crowd how to smoke Savoy cabbage, create blue cheese marshmallows, roll out butternut squash ravioli and how to warm body and spirit with great local and seasonal food on such a dreary morning.

At times throughout the morning rain pelted the onlookers, many crowded around with their umbrellas, but Bertrand just kept on demonstrating and talking to the crowd, answering questions and showing the Farmers Market customers how easy these difficult looking recipes could be. While many people protested not wanting to try beets, several takers of the skewers of roasted beet and blue cheese marshmallow with pistachio were blown away with the sweet taste of the roasted beets. As Bertrand smoked the Savoy cabbage over the fruit wood chips the aroma brought more folks over to the demonstration area.  His team of Dylan and Kelsey boiled up the ravioli and created the roasted beet salad skewers. They were also besieged with eager questions on cooking preparations.


Watch the Chef smoking the savoy cabbage. Video from Kathleen Nixon.

Bertrand was in his element – interacting with customers who want to know more about local food. He rolled out pasta, stuff the pillows with butternut squash filling and voila! Ravioli! He showcased how to roast beets on a bed of kosher salt so they won’t burn and how to easily rub off the skins so they wouldn’t stain your hands. The team provided more than 800 tastings of ravioli and beet salad and once done they headed back to 2941 to prepare for the lunch crowd of 200.


A rave review of the Chef’s presentation. Video from Kathleen Nixon.

VIDEO: Local Author Discusses “Mother” of Moderates

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September 14, 2011

In this interview on FCC-TV’s Falls Church Forum, local author Sara Fitzgerald discusses her new book, Elly Peterson:  “Mother” of the Moderates.  Peterson, a Republican from Michigan, was active in state and national politics from 1961-1982 as a groundbreaking woman leader of the party. She was a contemporary of Michigan Governor George Romney and knew current presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a teenager.  Although never elected to political office herself, Peterson rose to prominence as the first woman to head a state Republican party.

In the interview, author Fitzgerald discusses Peterson’s efforts to moderate the Republican Party in the face of influential conservative figures like presidential nominee Barry Goldwater and anti-Equal Rights Amendment activist Phyllis Schlafly.  Fitzgerald goes on to discuss the role of moderate Republicans today at a time of Tea Party dominance.

The interviewer is Falls Church Times’ Stan Fendley.  The video is 37 minutes long.

[Editor’s Note:  The League of Women Voters of Falls Church will host a book talk with Fitzgerald at local bookstore One More  Page, 2200 N. Westmoreland Street #101, Arlington, on Thursday, September 15, 7pm.  The event is free and open to the public. ]


Video: “The Strings Club” Part 2 (2009)

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Here is Part 2 of “The Strings Club” from 2009, the initial production of “The George Mason Coffee House,” produced at FCC-TV by GMHS senior Andrew Finein. Members of the Strings Club are Kate Highnam, Linda Lay, Emily Rueckert, Ethan Hoskins, and Nate Cooper on violin,  Greg de Paula on cello, and Crystal Lou on piano. Click here to view photos from The Strings Club performance on the Coffee House.

Video: “The Strings Club” Part 1 (2009)

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This video is the first edition of “The George Mason Coffee House” from 2009.  The Coffee House is a production of GMHS grad Andrew Finein, begun when he was a high school junior, and still continued today at the studios of Falls Church Community Television.

In this video, the members of the Strings Club are Kate Highnam, Linda Lay, Emily Rueckert, Ethan Hoskins, and Nate Cooper on violin,  Greg de Paula on cello, and Crystal Lou on piano.

Video: Lou Olom on FC Schools, Elections, and Development

Long-time City resident and activist Lou Olom recently sat down with Falls Church Times’ Stan Fendley for a taping of the Falls Church Forum program at FCC-TV.  In the interview, Lou talks about City schools, elections, and real estate development.  The interview is 30 minutes long.

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