Charles “Chip” Hailey, 69, Dedicated City Volunteer


September 19, 2011

Charles “Chip” Hailey passed away Friday night.  He was a long-time City resident and volunteer, one of the founders of the Falls Church Cable TV access board, and son of a former mayor.  For many years he provided audio and technical assistance for many City Recreation and Parks programs, school programs, and City employee programs.

Mr. Haley was very dedicated to the City’s cable television station and its programming.  He was a life-long member of the Cable TV Access Board and helped with many cable TV productions, including GMHS graduations; Rec and Parks dance recitals, and many more.

He gladly shared his knowledge, expertise and experience in audio and video with many members of City and school staff, students and citizen-access TV producers.  Chip Haley was single but leaves many friends in the City and schools.

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September 19, 2011 


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