City, Schools Ask For Sidewalk Help, Patience, and Courtesy

January 27, 2016

The City of Falls Church continues recovery efforts from the historic blizzard. Many more days of hard work are ahead for Public Works, neighbors and businesses. Compassion, courtesy and understanding are key while the community strives for normalcy. Updates will continue to be made to the City’s website,, Facebook (CityOfFallsChurchGov) and Twitter (FallsChurchGov).

Neighborhood Sidewalks
Neighbors are organizing to clear sidewalks and school bus stops. The City’s website has a list of tips and things to consider for neighborhood snow removal, Snow should be shoveled into yards, not roads or sidewalks. Keeping fire hydrants and storm drains clear are also important for emergency personnel and drainage.

Commercial Sidewalks
Businesses are faced with the same challenges as the neighborhoods: mass amounts of snow in a small space. The City government is working to clear sidewalks at public buildings (like the library) and parks. We anticipate completing that by the end of the day on Friday. At that time, we expect businesses to have completed their sidewalk clearing as well, if not before then. In the meantime, complaints about uncleared commercial sidewalks can be sent to [email protected]. Police will work with the businesses while balancing an understanding of the challenges of recovery with the overall safety of the community.

Freezing is expected on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and beyond. Businesses are encouraged to safely check roof scuppers and drains to make sure they are not blocked.

City Public Works Crews
Every street should have at least one lane plowed. Public Works crews are now concentrating on assessing school bus routes with the schools, clearing intersections, and hauling snow.

Trash and Recycling Collection
Trash and recycling are being collected today. Missed collections will be picked up Wednesday, February 3. At this point, the City government expects to resume normal operating hours for the remainder of the week, including the Library and Community Center.

Cautious, Courteous Drivers and Pedestrians Needed
Large snow piles at intersections, one-lane residential streets, and snow sloughing from the right-of-way into streets create challenges and frustration for drivers and pedestrians. Caution and courtesy are crucial at this time-we are all in this together. Community members should add time for longer commutes.

January 27, 2016 


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