COMMUNITY COMMENT: You’re going to like the new West End Park

Steve Selby, Chair
Recreation & Parks Advisory Board
February 11, 2015

I enjoyed Mr. Siegel’s February 9 article on West End Park and appreciate the Times’ continued coverage of important local developments. As you point out, West End Park is undergoing a significant transformation.  The product of a decade of planning and community discussion, the new West End park will be a “signature” component of the City’s increasingly connected network of parks.  While not the largest of our parks, it might be the most visible.  With additional amenities and a new entrance on Broad Street, this transformed park will be attractive to residents and visitors alike.

The park combines many features important to our community.  The expansion will add arbor-like qualities with places for quiet reflection as well as additional walking trails.  Including skateboard features while ensuring other uses for that section of the park was the product of many robust discussions with the community.

Parks of course have value simply as places for recreation and quiet reflection.  They also provide important environmental enhancements, such as improved air and water quality.  And, from every study I’ve seen, they make communities more liveable, while making them more attractive places to do business.  A more accessible park with improved amenities, combined with an attractive, easily-visible sign saying, in effect, “Here we are: Stop in for a visit” will make that corner of the City much more attractive.

The long effort to bring this project from vision to reality is a testament to the hard work of the City’s talented staff, but also a reflection of the constructive input from countless residents and the steadfast support of our elected officials.

You’re going to like the new West End Park.

February 11, 2015 


One Response to “COMMUNITY COMMENT: You’re going to like the new West End Park”

  1. Phil Duncan on February 11th, 2015 11:55 pm

    Steve is too modest two claim it, but much credit for the revamped West End Park goes to him and his colleagues on the City’s Recreation and Parks Committee, an extremely dedicated group of citizen volunteers.

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