FOOD: Dinner at Ray’s the Steaks

By Ra Chan

September 23, 2011

Special to Falls Church Times

On our way home, my husband, and I were trying to figure out dinner plans; after throwing out a few ideas, he wanted to take me to one of our favorite places for an impromptu date night. We’ve been a fan of Ray’s the Steaks since they were at their old location next to Hell Burger. What really attracts me to the new location is that they now take reservations and the space is much larger. In all actually, we’ve never had a tough time getting a table; we tend to get their before the peak of the dinner rush.

So after getting to our table and ordering a glass of wine, it was time to make that all important decision — which cut of beef did we want for dinner? I’ve never had a bad steak here, so I knew without a doubt, whatever we decided to go with, it would still be an amazing dinner.

I started off with the Caesar salad and got the crab bisque. I’m normally not a fan of bisque, I prefer more texture to my soup. But this one was outstanding with an amazing amount of lump crab meat! The soup was so creamy with the delicate sweetness of concentrated crab and just a hint of ground pepper.

I ordered the El Diablo steak, cooked medium with a side of the spicy piranha sauce. This steak was a top sirloin, grilled in a spicy sauce and topped with roasted garlic and sautéed onions. The garlic just melted over the steak; I even found myself spreading the garlic over the steak like butter! The sirloin was cooked to perfection. I normally love the piranha sauce, which is a spicier version of chimichurri sauce, but I didn’t really need this sauce since the spicy sauce that coated the steak gave it the perfect amount of flavor and seasoning.

My husband got the steak Bertolucci – NY strip served with roasted bone marrow, and served in a roasted garlic and red wine reduction sauce. The sauce really complimented the intense beef flavor and the bone marrow provided that extra punch, with its very smooth, creamy and buttery consistency.

This was definitely another successful meal at Ray’s. I love this place for so many reasons – the amazing cuts of beef, the completely reasonable prices, and the complimentary creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. I feel like I’m dining at a 5 star establishment and getting the best beef available, but I don’t feel out of place walking in with jeans and flip flops. As we lingered at dinner over a cup of coffee and some peanut butter truffles, I couldn’t help but just sit back and go over the meal in my head again. It was delicious and I relished every bite.

2300 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201


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By Special to the Falls Church Times
September 23, 2011 

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4 Responses to “FOOD: Dinner at Ray’s the Steaks”

  1. Jim Breiling, North Arlington on September 23rd, 2011 10:04 am

    Is there a vegetarian restaurant that warrants such a rave review? More generally, are there restaurants whose vegetable servings warrant unrestrained raves?

  2. incognito on September 23rd, 2011 4:24 pm

    Jim, the mashed potatoes and creamed spinach at Ray’s are great!

  3. SB on September 23rd, 2011 4:57 pm

    I am hungry after reading this review and looking at the pictures. Haven’t been to Ray’s in a while….need to head back!

  4. Mike Smith, Falls Church on September 29th, 2011 1:40 pm

    One of our favorite places. For those of us who like a good beverage to go with the steaks, Ray’s has an outstanding wine list and their sommelier does a great job with getting just the right wine without pushing to expensive stuff (mmmmm, Malbec!)

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