Lil City Creamery Opens In Little Space

By Stephen Siegel
Falls Church Times Staff
May 29, 2015

There was word that a new ice cream place had opened in the City, just in time for the hot May weather we’ve been enduring. But a quick look while driving by made it difficult to spot.

That’s because it’s in what might be the tiniest storefront in a City full of small retail spaces, at 114B West Broad Street, next to the former Pilin Thai (now Hot n’ Juicy Crawfish) and in the former Ruby Cash Corp.

At only 525 square feet, it’s not a sit down establishment. But that doesn’t diminish its appeal. Offering 12 flavors in a display by the counter, ice cream is just one of the tasty items offered by owner Jeff Goldberg, who previously operated a similar place in the beach community of Fenwick Island, Del.

Mr. Goldberg also is offering smoothies; frozen desserts; and he has plans for coffee and espresso.

When a reporter asked for a vanilla cone, he promised that the vanilla would be the best he’d ever tasted. The ice cream is made on a Delaware farm — from cows milked there. It’s only sent out for pasteurization before it comes back and made into ice cream, he explained.
The business was opened May 9, and Mr. Goldberg hopes that the relatively local manufacture of the ice cream and the small business that makes it would appeal to Falls Church City consumers who flock to the City’s popular farmer’s market for locally grown foodstuffs.

“A lot of people today want to know where the ice cream is from,” he said, adding that some of his ice cream also comes from a place in hour west in Winchester, Va. The Delaware farm that supplies some of his ice cream is called Woodside, and has been around since 1796.

Lil City Creamery also may have come at a good time, since the City may be losing perennial favorite Lazy Sundae if the City Council this summer approves the controversial Mason Row redevelopment project.

Lazy Sundae is said to be seeking other locations, but hasn’t yet found one to its liking.

May 29, 2015 


3 Responses to “Lil City Creamery Opens In Little Space”

  1. Kevin in Falls Church on June 1st, 2015 8:45 am

    It is good ice cream…..

  2. Gordon Theisz on June 1st, 2015 8:19 pm

    I stopped by last week and met the owner Jeff and a co-worker, Patricia. They were both really nice and the ice cream was great as advertised. They also sell Nathan’s hot dogs, which is a personal favorite. With it so close to my office, my waistline is threatened for sure, but this was already the case with all of the other restaurants downtown.

  3. Jim Breiling (North Arlington) on June 18th, 2015 10:23 am

    Betty and I had our dinner dessert there last evening. Steady stream of customers, including a group that came back after being a shade too late the previous evening, until closing a tiny bit after 8. Patricia is an engaging server whose tips are designated for her college fund, and Jeff is a ready and good teller of interesting stories about the history of the business. A great addition to businesses in The Little City.

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