OPINION: The Gift of a Snowy Day

Falls Church Times Staff

This is such a busy season.  As we rush around gathering gifts, attending parties, studying for midterm exams, it’s hard to enjoy our days.  But today, we were all given a gift of time stopping…a blanket of snow slowing life, bringing people together, giving us a break from the hustle-bustle.

What did I do with my gift of a day?  Wrapped Christmas gifts with my husband.  Talked with my brother in Pahrump and my sister-in-law in Charlestown for as long as I wanted.  Baked Christmas cookies (even though it wasn’t on my To Do list this holiday season — not enough time).  Bundled my kids up multiple times so they could a) build snow forts b) shovel a path for our dog c) go find the newspaper under the hill of snow.  Read several chapters of “My Life in France” while sitting in front of a fire.  Made grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate.  Played a family game of Life.

I even took a break from the computer, but luckily other Falls Church Times staff did not. Poised at their computers when not shoveling or sledding, they’ve captured the day with readers’ photos.  I enjoyed seeing the day through others’ eyes and experiences…of everyone enjoying the gift of this very special day. 

Tomorrow, we’ll deal with digging out in earnest.  Start thinking about whether there will be school again before winter break and who will stay home with the kids if schools don’t reopen.  Sort out the logistics of buying those last-minute gifts or getting stranded relatives to where they need to be.

But for now, my tea kettle is whistling…and I plan to enjoy a cup of tea with my daughter.  I hope you are enjoying your break as well.

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By Annette Hennessey
December 19, 2009 


2 Responses to “OPINION: The Gift of a Snowy Day”

  1. Christine Sanders on December 20th, 2009 8:51 am

    Well said, Annette. We paused to reflect on this gift, too.
    Christine (CR) Sanders

  2. Lou Mauro on December 21st, 2009 11:53 pm

    Annette and Christine,
    Except for shoveling and building snow forts, there is nothing that you did, or did not do, this past Saturday that you could not do or not do on any Saturday. It is a “gift” we can give to ourselves. And should. More often.

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