SATURDAY: 4/13: Spontaneous Eco Art on City Clean-Up Day

On April 13, 13, in the city of Falls Church, Virginia, a group of spontaneous Eco-artists will gather, explore, assemble and attempt to create a sculpture with what was found during the City-Clean-Up day.

Trash stays. What we leave behind us and out of sight continues to live and impact our environment. We have to co-exist, why not make something interesting out of it? “Eco Art” is a contemporary form of environmental art created by artists who are concerned about local and global environmental situations, and who take art making to a functional format.

What goes unnoticed or reflect human neglect can become a source of inspiration, a source of education, a conversation piece, between artists, environmentally concerned citizens and the rest of the community. Much environmental art is ephemeral, and we have no idea what the future of this piece will be, except that it will be designed for the community to see, make comments, and hopefully reflect on the local and global environmental situation.

For more information, contact John Maier

April 3, 2013 


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