Traffic Signal Work to Affect Traffic at 2 Intersections

February 21, 2016

City traffic signals will be getting upgrades over the next two weeks, and City officials caution that there will be traffic disruptions as a result.

Public Works staff will be replacing the “cabinets” which house the electrical brains for the traffic signals at Park Ave. and N. Washington St. and at Annandale Rd. and W. Broad St. For both locations, work and the resulting traffic impacts are expected to take place during working hours and not at rush hour.

The Park Ave. and N. Washington St. signal will be dark during working hours on February 22 and should be completed within the day. Left turns from Park Ave will be temporarily prohibited and the left turn lane will be closed. Power to the signal will be turned off, so N. Washington St. traffic will be uncontrolled. Park Ave. right turns on to southbound Washington will have a temporary stop sign. The existing cabinet at this intersection has faulty wiring and has overheated in the past.

Work along W. Broad St. is scheduled to begin the week of February 29 and should take three to five days to complete. This signal will be dark for a few hours while a temporary cabinet is installed, and the Annandale Rd. entrance to the Broaddale Center will be closed. Left turns will be prohibited from Annandale Rd. Traffic along W. Broad St. will be uncontrolled, and a temporary stop sign will be installed for Annandale Rd.

The existing cabinet at this intersection was damaged in a car accident a few years ago and the foundation is set too low; this signal currently goes into flash mode during every rain or snow because water seeps into the cabinet. The foundation will be raised before the new cabinet is installed.

February 21, 2016 


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